The coolest driving experience in the world

Drivers Paradise is situated at the Arctic Circle in Jokkmokk area of outstanding beauty and culture. The arctic climate creates the perfect conditions for you to experience Sweden’s premier Ice Driving centre. On amazing snow and ice covered tracks you can drive several different rally cars and an abundance of traditional activities.

Drivers Paradise is situated in Jokkmokk, a town located in the heart of Swedish Lapland which is home to the Sami people and a popular destination within the Arctic Circle for viewing the Northern Lights

Imagine driving a on specially prepared ice tracks on a frozen lake in fully prepared rally cars fitted with studded tyres. Trekking through the snow covered trees in the forests on Arctic Cat Snowmobiles or on Dog Sleds pulled by nine Siberian Huskies.

Drivers Paradise offers the ultimate ice driving experience for all abilities and is Scandinavia’s premier winter driving experience, expertly combining breath taking scenery, luxury accommodation and most importantly an unforgettable ice driving experience.

Partnered with Drivers Paradise is The Stig Blomqvist Driving Academy so come to the Arctic Circle and meet the real Stig.

The 1984 World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist Driving Academy is one of the world’s greatest drivers and part of a select group of men and women who have tamed Audi’s legendary Quattro on every surface and all his experience and skill is on tap.

About Us

Everyone should At least once step outside his or her comfort zone so why not join us in the Arctic Circle for an experience of a lifetime in Swedish Lapland. Drivers Paradise will help you realise your driving ambitions in the most beautiful winter wonderland of snow covered trees and frozen lakes. Let the adrenaline flow the excitement grow , try our great winter experiences so contact us now on +46(0)97177777 or email

Experiencing what Drivers Paradise has to offer is a Breathtaking opportunity to hone your skills on challenging courses under the expert guidance of professional driving instructors.

The thrill of experiencing a rally car in such an outstanding environment guarantees to take your Soul to new heights. If you have a passion for driving our expert instructors will be on hand to guide you with their first class knowledge every step of the way.